The Barn, Block Farm, Bradfield
Combust, Bury, IP30 0LW

Cathedral York Stone

Ideal for large barn conversions with some very large slabs. Cut from mill flags and repolished to give a smooth surface. Does vary in thickness of stone.

cathedral york

Very little left, but other smooth slabs available.

Pine Flooring

Amounts of pine flooring vary as supplies can be limited. Stock levels are changing all the time.  Please call for our latest stock.




Oak Flooring



Quarry Tiles

These are more common in later houses, from the Victorian period onwards, usually 6 inch or 9 inch square in red, black or cream. Sometimes laid in a chequer board style, they are hard wearing and good for kitchens.

New reproductions are also available.



New quarry tiles in red or buff 9″x9″. Only buff left.



Good stock of 6″ x 6″ red quarry tiles, stocks are changing all the time.



Reclaimed and new quarry tiles 6″x6″ in red and black.



Good selection of red 9″ x 9″ quarry tiles in stock.


Floor Bricks

As the name implies these are commonly found in cottages, mostly in kitchens, but also throughout
the ground floor. Half the size of a pamment. They are more versatile as they can be laid in a variety
of patterns.



Reclaimed floor bricks in stock ranging from buff to red.




New floor bricks



Pamments were common flooring material in East Anglia. Now they are increasingly rare and are in high demand for the authentic cottage look. The most common size is 9 inch square, but also available in 6 inch or 12 inch, in red, buff and salmon pink tones.

Reproduction pamments are available and are usually cheaper than the originals.


Reclaimed 9″x9″ Pamments in red and buff


9″ x 9″ Pamments in stock both buff and red.

12″ x 12″ Pamments 

New 9″ x 9″ pamments 


12″x12″ exceptional quality buff pamments £15.00 plus VAT

Fire Backs

Our large showroom has one of the largest selection of fire backs anywhere. Many originals have been refurbished in our own workshop. A fire back not only protects the brick work of the fireplace but also improves the heat you get from the fire by throwing heat back into the room – and they look good!



Reclaimed Royal coat of arms fire back.




Large selection of fire backs in all sizes and designs.




Large fire back. £595.00.


The Grape carriers


The Charger

Laughing Lion fireback. Not modern copies. 2 in stock £395.00 each


Large Royal coat of arms 38″ wide and 31″ high £495.00


Hearths can be built from virtually any non-combustible material. The most common for town houses was slate or quarry tile. For farmhouses, York slab, floor bricks or pamments were usually used.

A later development was to use granite for a smart appearance, usually in combination with a marble surround.

With the advent of the wood burning stove boom, the variety increased still further, with other stones becoming more popular. such as Indian sandstone.



Granite and Marble hearths in stock. Very few left.



Whether it is pine, mahogany, slate or marble you require we have something for you. We have a range of reproduction wooden surrounds in period style.




Baskets & Dogs

AB Reclamation has one of the largest selections of baskets and dogs in East Anglia with over fifty in stock. Many have been carefully refurbished in our own workshop.






Swan baskets from 18″ to 36″ in stock, with a large selection of fire dogs.