The Barn, Block Farm, Bradfield
Combust, Bury, IP30 0LW

Imperial Soft Reds

The huge demand for Imperial reclaimed soft red bricks sometimes creates shortages of original bricks. Whilst we endeavour to maintain supplies, shortages do occur. Please contact us to determine what we have in stock as it changes on a daily basis.

To counteract shortages, we have a new soft red made in the same style as the original. Therefore, we are able to supply any number of red that may be required.




Reclaimed soft red bricks. Call us for stock level as it changes all the time.







57mm soft red. Ideal for restoration projects.




New soft reds.









Weathered Reclamation Red, a new brick to give the same look as a reclaimed red.



Weathered reds



Weathered reds and copings